Saturday, September 24, 2016


Here is Dante in September of 2011 giving himself a little spit and PAWlish.

 Dante always liked to keep himself as clean as PAWSible.

 Just look at that tongue -- it was made for deep cleaning!

 A little nibble here and there helps to get even the toughest dirt out.

 "Sum peeple details cars -- I details myself!" remarked Dante, the PURRfectionist.

And then, when he was finally done, Dante hung himself out to dry.

"Is a good fing, I'm wash an' wear!" said he profoundly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Today is Dante's Dada's 64th birthday and since Dante is not with us, we would like to relive a memory from Dada's birthday in 2012.

 Dada had always wanted a BMW and in 2012 he got one.  It was second-hand and a 2009 model, but had low mileage and he loved it!

 As if the car wasn't enough Dada and Dante got some BMW purraphenalia, too.  They are both wearing BMW-branded shirts!

Dante and Dada were very close.  Dante always waited for Dada to get up in the morning, and positioned himself on the penultimate bottom step to await his pats.  Dante would mew like a kitten as Dada descended the stairs.

Dante always preferred Dada's rougher petting to mine, although I'm sure he appreciated my more gentle touch as well.

I put together the birthday card, above, on the computer, and wrote a poem.  Here is just one of the verses:

"At least you have the memories of
Our Dante and his kitty love
He was such a remarkable cat
Who delighted in your manly pat"

Dante gave his Dada and I the best gift possible -- fourteen and a half years of pure joy and wonder!   And his pictures enable us to keep that joy and wonder in PURRpetuity.

Monday, September 19, 2016


This photo was taken in September of 2010 and became the picture for that month in his calendar for 2016.

I'm not someone who believes in PURRfection, but this is as close to it as you're going to get!

Friday, September 16, 2016


Dante's fur turned different colours in varying conditions.  Under the late afternoon sun, especially this time of year, it turned distinctly copper and sparkled in the light.

These pictures are from 2012 when Dante was enjoying a particularly nice September day outside on his favourite porch chair.

 And Dante had a sparkling PURRsonality to match!

 As a red tabby cat he already had so many different tones of dark and light in his fur.

 But in the bright sun, even more shadings and textures are revealed.

Here his puss is truly coppery, and that's why, at least to me, he'll forever be my 'Coppurrnipuss'!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


There are still some sunny days ahead, as well as lots and lots of sunflowers, too.

Dante always loved this time of year, so I like to think of him as being perpetually in a field of sunflowers and basking (along with them) in the light of the sun.

Simply deLIGHTful!